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Upgrade to wholistic healthcare that honors the body, mind and spirit.

Join a growing tribe of women on the journey to reclaim natural authority of their own bodies and fertility through body-friendly care.

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Guiding Star Memphis serves women with wholistic healthcare that honors their bodies and minds.

We believe women are much more than a number or a problem to be solved. Our patients deserve healthcare that acknowledges the intricate and intentional design of the female form.

At Guiding Star Memphis, patients can expect compassionate healthcare that works in cooperation with their bodies and natural abilities. We seek to empower women to understand, embrace, and love their bodies.

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Who We Are

Feel the difference with a wholistic approach to women’s healthcare.

As an affiliate of the national Guiding Star Project we are rooted in the conviction that women deserve better than the current standard for mainstream women’s medical care.

Because there’s a problem with modern feminine healthcare.

Too many care providers teach women their natural bodies aren’t enough — that they must suppress or trick the natural workings of their bodies and squeeze themselves into societal expectations.

Guiding Star Memphis is a wholistic alternative to standard women’s healthcare in Memphis. We meet women on their unique journeys and welcome them into our community with one-stop access to a lifetime of services and resources. Because, though women are capable of being the heroes in their own stories, we all need a guiding star on this journey through life.

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Learn how you can empower women to understand, embrace, and love their natural bodies by becoming an affiliate location.

Who We Serve

We serve all women: Teens, women with unplanned pregnancies, women struggling through infertility, and those seeking healthcare on another stage of the journey.

The Guiding Star Project serves women, men, and children with enriching family life services and resources.

The national Guiding Star family of women’s healthcare and family resource providers works tirelessly to make our world a more beautiful, natural place. You can help us by donating here.

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