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Guiding Star Memphis is building partnerships with Fertility Care Practitioners to help women to understand their bodies natural functions through Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs). Anyone can use FABM effectively. Utilizing a FABM can help women to identify cycle nuances and irregularities and couples to family plan and work through infertility.

Learn to love and embrace your body’s healthy, natural processes by learning a Fertility Based Awareness Method at Guiding Star Memphis.

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⋅ Natural Fertility and Hormone Wellness presentation is offered once a month at various locations. Check out our Events tab to find the next one.

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◊ Track Your Temperature

After ovulation, your body temperature rises and remains in
a higher range until your next cycle starts. Tracking your sleeping temperature
allows you to identify ovulation at home.

◊ Continuous Monitoring

Each Tempdrop contains multiple sensors that measure your
core temperature continuously throughout the night.

◊ Personal BBT Patterns

Tempdrop’s patented algorithm learns your unique nightly and
monthly temperature patterns, filtering out disturbances for accurate results.

◊ Identify Fertility Window

Combining temperature readings with other fertility symptoms
helps you more accurately identify your fertile window.

◊ Tempdrop sensor & app: A lifelong companion

◊ Buy with confidence: Everything you need & more

    • FDA registered
    • Sync whenever convenient
    • Full access to your data with the ability to download
    • Gives you the freedom to integrate with other fertility apps
    • Optional accidental damage insurance, and one year return guarantee
    • Combines both our patented Active Temperature-Noise Cancellation filtering and
      learning algorithms
    • Excellent customer service and extensive manufacturer’s warranty
    • Suitable for irregular cycles and changing sleeping patterns
    • Operated with a standard long lasting coin cell battery

FEMM – Morganne Skinner, RN, BSN, FEMM Educator

 – Virtual Classes and One-on-One consults available.


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