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Guiding Star Memphis is building partnerships with Fertility Care Practitioners to help women to understand their bodies natural functions through Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs). Anyone can use FABM effectively. Utilizing a FABM can help women to identify cycle nuances and irregularities and couples to family plan and work through infertility.

Learn to love and embrace your body’s healthy, natural processes by learning a Fertility Based Awareness Method at Guiding Star Memphis.

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⋅ Natural Fertility and Hormone Wellness presentation is offered once a month at various locations. Check out our Events tab to find the next one.

FEMM – In-Office/Telehealth Consultations

  • FEMM Fertility Package

    Total of 3 Instruction session plus 1 follow-up session to learn and implement fertility tracking

    Session 1 – FEMM & Your Health – (2 Hours) 

    • The first of three sessions designed to teach you how to understand and chart your reproductive health. This session introduces the mechanism of ovulation, the major hormones driving the ovulation cycle, and how to recognize and chart observable biomarkers of the cycle

    Session 2 – FEMM Expert – (2 Hours) 

    • The second of the three sessions. This session takes a more in-depth look at the major reproductive hormones responsible for the events of the ovulation cycle, the biomarkers and charting guidelines introduced in Session 1, and the importance and implications of having a healthy ovulation cycle. In this session we also introduce LH testing.

    Session 3 – FEMM Family Planning – (2 Hours)

    • FEMM Family Planning is the third of the three sessions. This session takes the knowledge learned in the previous sessions and applies it to family planning, covering the FEMM method instructions for both achieving and avoiding pregnancy. Chart review is included.

    FEMM Package 

    • The FEMM package includes all 3 FEMM sessions (FEMM & Your Health, FEMM Expert, and FEMM Family Planning) at a discount. This package also includes 1 follow up session to ensure understanding and correct charting methods

    FEMM Follow Up – (1 Hour) 

    • Follow up sessions are offered for clients who have already completed the three FEMM sessions and want additional chart reviews and/or assistance with charting (i.e.- irregular ovulatory patterns, coming off hormonal contraception, postpartum charting, perimenopause, etc)

FEMM – [Virtual ONLY] Morganne Skinner, RN, BSN, FEMM Educator

 – Virtual Classes and One-on-One consults available.


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