Family Life Services

A thriving family takes a village. Guiding Star Memphis seeks to honor families by offering family life support services. Children are always welcome at Guiding Star Memphis and we offer the following practical support:

  • Drop-in child watch for families using our Guiding Star Center
  • Materials and family life resources
  • Parenting support workshops

Bereavement Support 

    • Birth support and prenatal support with additional counseling and planning tailored for specific instances
    • Assistance with funeral arrangements
    • Coordination between hospital and funeral home/cemetery
    • Hospital keepsake box
    • Clergy and/or rites coordination
    • Support for other family members
    • Connection with local therapists
    • Monthly support group offered through GSM

NICU Support

One-on-one Doula Support 

o Initial 2-hour “NICU Crash Course” consultation

o Weekly 30-minute in-person/phone call consultations for 5 weeks

NICU notebook with:

o Info sheet (NICU phone #, room #, access code (if needed), rounds schedule, specialist schedule)

o “What to Expect” NICU info (NICU level, monitors descriptions, initial weight loss, skin2skin advocacy tips, tub/bottle/cup feeding, circumcision timing)

o Details of tests for growers/feeders and some special cases

o Milestone expectations

o Communication ledger for 5 weeks (days of the week/notes)

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