Breastfeeding & Postpartum Services

Women have an amazing ability to nourish new life and it is our privilege to support them on their breastfeeding journey. The following breastfeeding support services are offered in our center:

  • Lactation Packages

    Prenatal Breastfeeding Counseling (1 Hour) 

    • The anatomy of breastfeeding
    • Barriers you may experience
    • How to work breastfeeding into your birth plan
    • Prenatal milk expression and how to use milk collection kits
    • What skin-to-skin is and how to implement it
    • Benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby
    • How and when to use a breast pump
    • Flange sizing for breast pump parts

    Initial Postpartum Breastfeeding Assessment (2 Hours) – 3 Days Postpartum

    • Observe a feeding
    • Assess latch
    • Pre and post feed weight to evaluate milk intake
    • Overview of newborn feeding cues and healthy feeding and sleeping schedules
    • Address milk supply concerns
    • Create a customized plan for achieving breastfeeding goals
    • Instruction on cleaning pump and pump parts
    • Introduction to pumping schedule
    • Overview of safe handling and storing of breast milk


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