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The national Guiding Star Project was born out of the conviction that women deserve far more than the current standard for mainstream women’s medical care.

Guiding Star Memphis is part of a national movement to create a wholistic, empowering healthcare alternative to mainstream woman’s health care.

We believe there’s a problem with today’s feminine medical care

Today’s medical community teaches women that their natural bodily state is not enough. Women hear that they must fight and suppress the natural functions of their bodies to achieve success. Standard medical protocols are disconnected with wholistic women’s health, and women and babies are the ones who suffer.

Guiding Star Memphis’ solution: Wholistic women’s healthcare that accounts for the mind, body and spirit.

We serve women with a whole-life approach that honors women as unique individuals. We believe each woman who comes to our center is much greater than a number or a problem to be solved. She is a natural wonder who deserves medical care that acknowledges her intricate design.

We empower women to embrace, understand, and love their natural bodies. We welcome women in every stage along their individual journey.

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